What Makes The Dancer's Workout® Different?

For the past ten years The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW) has been creating unbreakable emotional bonds for our adult students, resulting in fierce loyalty, blockbuster class attendance, and word-of-mouth endorsements that spread like wildfire. Enrollment in The Dancer's Workout® classes has tripled over that of typical adult ballet classes, with demand for classes six days per week!

Why is The Dancer’s Workout® so explosive?  Is it the way ballet, jazz, and contemporary dancers become addicted to these classes and its community?  Is it the way former dancers feel safe to join these classes and then rediscover their passion and commitment to dance?  Is it the game-changing manner in which these classes transform our students physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially? Yes. Yes. and Yes.  All of the above...

For your students, it’s better than chocolate, new-born kittens, sunrises, and lilacs.  The TDW class experience becomes deeply personal, emotionally vital, and truly addicting.  The classes produce shocking physical transformations and profound spiritual uplifting.  They fill a tragic gap that exists for women throughout our communities who took ballet when younger who are secretly yearning to find an emotionally and physically safe path back to dance.  It lets them find their tribe again.  The loyalty of the students who find these classes becomes unbreakable.  This is why they come back to class day-after-day, week-after-week, and year-after-year.

Those of us who are behind The Dancer’s Workout® have an unrelenting passion for bringing dance back into the lives of former dancers. The founder of The Dancer’s Workout®, Jules, was herself a former dancer, who had originally trained in classical ballet at UNC School of the Arts, and who rediscovered her passion for dance after a 15-year absence that was replete with a career, a marriage, and three children (including twins!).  Finally facing the humiliation of stepping back into an “adult” ballet class (filled with teenagers, by the way) while being horribly out of shape, 41 years old, 30 pounds overweight, and full of shame, Jules eventually clawed her way back home.  

It was at this point Jules decided to create a program specifically designed for former dancers.  This is where passion and opportunity converged.  How many tens of millions of women alive today took ballet when younger? The truth is, it’s a massive market, and there’s a HUGE gap for classes which appeal to former dancers who are now between the ages of 24 and 64.  Let’s be honest.  These women do not want to come to traditional dance classes.  (That’s why attendance in your adult ballet, jazz, and modern classes is low.)  Additionally, they DO NOT LOVE yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and other mainstream fitness classes. (They sometimes take them, but they do not love them.)  Honestly, nothing takes the place of dance in a dancer’s heart, yet traditional dance classes and mainstream fads aren’t the answer for these former dancers.  That’s the straight-up truth of it.  The Dancer’s Workout® gets that, speaks to it, and provides a solution that is better than anything else on the market.

The pre-choreographed TDW classes are proven hits with former and current dancers.  Each one-hour class is named, vetted, and seriously loved by these students.  Each TDW class uses ballet, jazz, contemporary, beginner’s hip-hop, and toning exercises with signature choreography that integrates across the hour.  These choreographed classes are all available for TDW-Certified Instructors to learn using high-quality videos.

And while the classes are amazing, they are not the only magical ingredient.  The “TDW Secret Sauce” also includes the specialized business and leadership skills needed to successfully attract the right type of adult student, create that vitally important safe zone, and provide these students with a completely irresistible experience, not just a class.  By revealing the key leadership and change management strategies that work best with former dancers, our online course will teach you how to create the type of adult dance program that makes former dancers in your community sit up and take notice, conjure up the courage to step foot in your studio, and rediscover their unrelenting passion for dance.  Pretty soon your studio will become known for being THE PLACE TO DANCE if you are a trained, former dancer, which translates into a vibrant new revenue stream for your dance studio business.

Not to mention the friends you will make.  Kids and teens are great and all, but establishing a community of dance-loving women is the bomb.  Say goodbye to dance-studio-owner loneliness once and for all.

Not going to lie - building an explosive empire takes work, and we know you are super busy.  That’s why our program is designed to be delegated!  You’ll need one loyal ballerina to become your TDW instructor. She’ll need to take our online instructor certification course, learn the choreography, and become your local TDW instructor.  And if you want to delegate further, you can! Your certified instructor will need a leadership partner – either you or someone at your studio whom you trust to also take the course and learn the leadership and management skills needed to attract and retain your new adult dance community.  Personally take it on or delegate it – your choice.

The bottom line is that we have designed this program to completely transform your adult dance business.  With our online course we provide the specialized business and leadership skills needed, we provide a simple process for certifying your ballerina to teach The Dancer’s Workout®, and we offer all the choreography she will need for the two of you to fill your studio with deeply devoted, enthusiastic, loyal dancers.  Join the TDW movement today and become the ONLY studio choice for the hundreds of former dancers in your community who are desperately searching for this.


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