Our monthly SILVER Membership app provides 24/7 access to The Dancer’s Workout® classes!

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Our SILVER membership app offers 24/7, unlimited monthly access to 179 choreographed songs, including:

 54 warm-up songs
 36 light cardio songs

 35 high-intensity cardio songs
54 toning songs (bikini bootcamp)

The songs are bundled into various classes that are between 40- and 60-minutes in duration (includes our choreography review). The classes are designed for adults who received training in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance when younger, who either want to start dancing again as an adult or who simply want to stay in tip-top shape through dance. We welcome current and former dancers and dance instructors!

The Dancer's Workout® offers two main types of classes.

Our full TDW masterclasses are for days when you have plenty of time and energy for an exhilarating, full-body dancer's workout. Each complete masterclass contains an average of 3 warm-up/stretch songs, 2 light cardio songs, 5 high-intensity cardio songs, and 3 toning songs.

Our TDW "Express" classes are for days when you are more limited in time, space, or energy, as they have fewer songs and contain none of our high-intensity cardio. Each Express class offers an average of 3 warm-up/stretch songs, 2 light cardio songs, and 3 toning songs. (Somedays that's all we have the time or energy to do lol.)

Also included in our SILVER membership is our 10-video series, entitled the LOST LOVE RECOVERY PROGRAM FOR FORMER DANCERS, which contains 10 classes of various lengths and progressive intensities to help get you back up to speed when you have been away from dancing for a bit (or a decade).

You'll notice that all of our classes are named! We know you'll soon be able to recognize them by name, and we'll be so curious to learn which ones are your favorites - we honestly have trouble picking our favorites because we love them all so much! 

We sincerely hope you love pop music because you'll find that all of our choreography for all of our classes is done to the pop songs that we all know and love!

Finally, we wanted to be sure you knew that we post new classes inside the SILVER membership app on the first day of each month! This maintains 30 different class videos inside the SILVER product at all times. Since most of our dancers like to repeat a single masterclass 5-10 times before moving on to the next one, you'll find at least three months' of classes crammed into each month's portfolio of classes! In other words, you'd literally have to dance three times a day for 30 straight days to get through all the class content we cram into our SILVER membership app! We do it because we're half-ass crazy over-achievers who like to under-promise and over-deliver! (If you've never taken class with us before, it won't take long for you to see what we mean!) We certainly think you'll love all the options and variety that our SILVER membership offers!

Thanks so much for stopping by. We're super excited to get you dancing with us! 


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What People Are Saying:

After practically growing up in a ballet studio and dancing from age four through college, when I began my career I had a hard time finding a time and place to dance as an adult. I am so thankful that I found TDW! The online program allows me so much flexibility in my days - whether I feel like doing a class at 9am on a Sunday or after work on a Friday night at 8pm, I can dance whenever it fits in my schedule! On my busier weeks I might only get to do one class video, while other times I’ve been able to do 5-6 classes a week- but either way, it’s so wonderful having the classes accessible to fit my schedule. The silver membership has been perfect because with so many classes to choose from, I can switch up classes throughout the month - or enjoy my favorite classes on repeat! :)

Lindsay - TDW Dancer

The Dancer's Workout® Virtual Retreat - Monthly SILVER Membership (recurring) for $45.00/mo (with no cancellation penalty)

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