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Sara and I will be your hosts in the program, and we will make sure you have everything needed for your new TDW adult dance business.
Congratulations for being accepted into The Dancer's Workout® (TDW) Instructor Certification program!
As you know, we only accept dancers into the program who have successfully demonstrated their proficiency in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance. Your invitation to enroll in our program reflects our assessment that you possess the requisite dance technique needed to properly execute our choreography and needed to excel as one of our future instructors. We have faith in you and are excited to welcome you into the program so that you can get hired at gyms, dance studios, and various fitness facilities once you have completed our adult dance fitness training and received your TDW Instructor certification.
By enrolling in our online course, you will receive immediate access to the material you'll need to become certified as one of our Instructors. This includes the specific training lessons, choreography, and practice exercises you'll need in order to learn how to teach The Dancer's Workout®. We have specifically designed our Fast-track program for dancers like you who are trained to quickly memorize choreography and who we think will be able to successfully translate their dance training and skills into adult dance fitness job opportunities. Once enrolled, you'll be able to complete your certification training and application within one 8-hour day. (You may also take more time, as you wish.) While most of our students submit their application within one week of enrollment, you may technically start your Fast-track course work at any time, just as long as your certification application is submitted to us within 90 days of your course enrollment. 
Our training and support for you doesn't end with your certification - in fact there are additional modules and lessons available to you inside the course (at no additional cost), which are optional, but which we think will be extremely helpful. Specifically, we've included lessons entitled, “Landing Your Jobs" (Parts 1 and 2) that provide exceptional, detailed training on how to prepare for your job search and assemble/create your professional assets. Topics include how to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with your TDW Certification information; how to prepare your professional assets (business cards, pitch deck, dance videos); how to network with job colleagues; how to conduct your in-person, digital, and phone outreach to create job prospects for yourself (and specifically what to say and do at each step); how to deliver elevator pitches, how to interview and enlist your references; and how to negotiate your job offers.  We also explain the differences between being a W2 employee, 1099 contractor, or a self-employed entrepreneur and the tax implications of each.
The course includes additional lessons that cover best business practices for adult dance fitness classes (including the differences between dance technique classes and dance fitness classes, the best days and times for adult classes, the ideal frequency of classes, compelling introductory offers to attract new students, and the most successful class packages to sell, etc.). We also provide you with the social media assets (videos, photos, copy) that you'll need to advertise your classes. Finally, once you have started your TDW classes, our Leadership lessons will provide you with the leadership skills you'll need to take your class enrollment to the next level! Our adult dance fitness business skills and leadership training lessons are designed to teach you how to attract, inspire, and retain students in order to catapult your class enrollment and ensure your business success.  



Jules, a UNC School of the Arts classical ballet graduate and the Founder of The Dancer's Workout®, is your personal trainer.

Sara, Jules' business partner and a TDW-Certified Instructor herself, is also one of your training program resources.

Together, Jules and Sara will personally serve as your guides, mentors, resources, job references, and cheerleaders as you explore your exciting journey with The Dancer's Workout®. Welcome to the family!


What People Are Saying:

Jules has done an incredible job of creating a community within her program. The certification program has been enlightening, encouraging, and hard work. Jules is so organized and presents all of her wisdom and knowledge in a high-energy, positive way. During the program, I learned a lot about how to be a better dancer, teacher, and person through the example Jules is and through the curriculum she has created. One of the things I loved best about the program was the amount of team building incorporated and the stressed importance of the relationships between the TDW family members. -Madison

Madison, TDW-Certified Instructor ⬆️

The Dancer's Workout® (TDW) is top-notch quality, from start to finish! In addition to being a dance instructor, I am a group fitness instructor who teaches many styles-Zumba, Pilates, Barre.. I belong to the various organizations for which I hold professional certifications and am a strong believer and supporter of classes that are well designed and carefully planned to challenge the participants and help them grow. (I have been in way too many “fly by the seat of your pants” instructor-led classes.) With TDW, we review the key steps at the beginning of the class, and this lays out the design and tone of the class which in turn helps prepare the dancers. The building of the steps during each song is a confidence-builder. Then, the dance where it all comes together feels like a “live performance”! And as dancers, that is such a big thrill! Ending class with TDW bikini bootcamp routines takes you back to reality and the basics of strength building and stretching. Each one-hour class provides a well-rounded balance of dance and toning, which my students love. On another topic I wanted to mention that the design of the TDW educational material is superb. It is super-easy to navigate online. It is well-thought-out and chunked in modules for easy learning. I think the requirement to submit videos for feedback is imperative to ensure quality across the instructors-way to go! Support is bountiful with both Jules and Sara and all the social media options. The choreography is varied, as is the music, which keeps the classes interesting and challenging. I am excited and proud to be a part of TDW family, and my students love it! -Georgie

Georgie, TDW-Certified Instructor ⬆️

I have been a dancer all my life, from early training at the San Francisco Ballet, School of American Ballet, and UNC School of the Arts (UNCSA), to professional dancing with the National Ballet of Washington, Ballet Arizona, and American Ballet Theatre (soloist). I have been on faculty, full and part-time, at UNCSA since 2000 and also teaching at the “Dancer’s Edge” studio in Kernersville, NC. I am an ABT-certified instructor, and have taught in every “ABT Summer Intensive” since they began in 1996. I currently own a Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi/Dance studio for adults, “Studio Elevé,” in Kernersville, NC. As a proud teacher of adult ballet classes, I have long “dreamed” of such a comprehensive kind of dance class as The Dancer’s Workout® as a means of engaging adults physically, mentally, and recreationally. My own mission at Studio Elevé is “helping to keep older people younger longer!” I love how Jules has so thoroughly prepared these choreographed classes and shared her enthusiasm with us! -Chris

Chris, TDW-Certified Instructor ⬆️

I own a dance studio with the primary market being adults. We offer many technique classes including ballet, tap, and jazz throughout the week but I had been looking for a cardio dance class for years. I wanted to have a good balance of offerings at the studio and felt a cardio option was important. I had considered a Zumba class; however, with Marley floors I didn’t want street shoes on the dance floor. I stumbled across The Dancer’s Workout®️ and it sounded like a great fit. I became certified and have been teaching it at the studio for about five months now. It really is a fabulous and fun cardio workout and a great addition to our ongoing classes. It is attracting new clients who don’t want to enter into a traditional technique class. And my current clients love the carefree movements. As the owner and primary instructor at the studio I don’t have a lot of free time. I was concerned that taking on something new would be too much; however, I find that I am able to process and learn each master class fairly quickly with minimal disruption to my already full schedule. Plus, (and this is a huge plus!!) I am able to get a workout in as I teach it!! -Alison

Alison, TDW-Certified Instructor ⬆️

As an instructor in the fitness and wellness industry I have attended many trainings, courses, and certification programs, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the level of organization and attention given at The Dancer's Workout® instructor certification program. In fact, I would even go as far as to say it is the best training I've been to, and that is something! In the past I have attended trainings only to find myself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, underprepared, and alone in starting my own classes. I left The Dancer's Workout® training feeling confident, supported, and ready to go. Jules is so caring. She has done and is doing everything in her power to set us up for success! Thank you Jules. -Abbie

Abbie, TDW-Certified Instructor ⬆️

I love your marketing plan and ideas. This training has been awesome! You walk the student through the process step-by-step. Thank you!!

Meagan, TDW-Certified Instructor ⬆️

Enrollment Fee for The Dancer's Workout® Adult Dance Fitness Instructor Certification Program: $270

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