Would you like to have consistent class attendance in each of your adult dance classes?  

We have mastered the most effective ways to attract and retain adult dancers, and we’ll show you how to generate blockbuster adult dancer attendance! 

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The Dancer's Workout® (TDW) Instructor Certification program has enabled dancers with exquisite ballet technique to become "TDW-Certified Instructors" and to build their own followings of TDW dancers at their studios

We now offer a sensational online TDW Instructor Certification course so that dance studios across the country can sponsor a dancer to become certified to teach The Dancer's Workout® at their studio.  One course fee will provide access to the course to you, the studio owner (or your designee), and your sponsored dancer (two login credentials for one course fee).

Together, you, the studio owner (or your designee), and your sponsored dancer who becomes TDW-Instructor Certified in this online course, can build your own robust, vibrant community of adult dancers.

Our goal is to ensure that your studio quickly becomes the GO-TO studio for adult dancers in your area!

Curious About Our Course Content?


In this module you will learn the fascinating history of The Dancer's Workout® (TDW), receive an overview of the studio sponsorship program and the TDW instructor certification course, and be introduced to the ideal types of adult dance students, whom we refer to as the TDW Dancers.



In Module 2, entitled, "Masterclasses," you will explore the anatomy of a TDW masterclass and have access to 35 fabulous dance clips.  You'll also receive access to three entire TDW masterclasses!


In this module, entitled, "Rehearsal," your sponsored dancer will learn how to teach The Dancer's Workout® at your studio!  To become certified she will have to submit her TDW competency videos.  We'll hold her hand the whole way!  


In this module, entitled, "Community," you will discover the TDW secret sauce, how to build a TDW following, how to use social media to advertise your classes, and how to build a self-sustaining community of adult dancers!  You will love gaining access to our Social Media Manager!


In this module, entitled, "Front Desk," you will discover best practices for all of the administrative aspects of your TDW program, including the best times to teach adults, what packages to offer, adult student registration best practices, music licenses, and all money matters.

Module 6

Now that your sponsored dancer has thoroughly rehearsed her first TDW masterclass and received the greenlight for her competency videos, it's time for her to apply for her TDW Instructor Certification!  By this time, she's already done the hard work; the application process is simple!

Our fully choreographed TDW masterclasses are easy to follow!

Your sponsored dancer will love the professional videos she will use to learn the choreography. Here is an abbreviated sample to show you the quality of the videos.  This course provides three fully choreographed one-hour TDW masterclasses that are professional videos like this sample.  (If you want to see more, visit www.thedancersworkout.com/RSVP/ for a free sample one-hour class.)


Become a TDW Authorized Studio!

Once your sponsored dancer becomes a TDW-Certified Instructor, your studio instantly becomes a TDW Authorized Studio! Your sponsored dancer is only allowed to teach The Dancer's Workout® at your studio! Let's make your studio the GO-TO studio for adult dancers in your area!

We now have an easy payment plan for our online TDW Instructor Certification course!

Is your studio interested in significantly expanding your adult dance student attendance? Let us help your studio become the GO-TO studio for adult dancers in your area!  Get started today!


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Here's what a few of our TDW-Certified Instructors have said about the course...

"I have been a dancer all my life, from early training at the San Francisco Ballet, School of American Ballet, and UNC School of the Arts (UNCSA), to professional dancing with the National Ballet of Washington, Ballet Arizona, and American Ballet Theatre (soloist).  I have been on faculty, full and part-time, at UNCSA since 2000 and also teaching at the “Dancer’s Edge” studio in Kernersville, NC.  I am an ABT-certified instructor, and have taught in every “ABT Summer Intensive” since they began in 1996.  I currently own a Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi/Dance studio for adults, “Studio Elevé,” in Kernersville, NC. As a proud teacher of adult ballet classes, I have long “dreamed” of such a comprehensive kind of dance class as The Dancer’s Workout® as a means of engaging adults physically, mentally, and recreationally.  My own mission at Studio Elevé is “helping to keep older people younger longer!”  I love how Jules has so thoroughly prepared these choreographed classes and shared her enthusiasm with us!"

Chris Spizzo
Former ABT Soloist; UNC School of the Arts Ballet Instructor

""As an instructor in the fitness and wellness industry I have attended many trainings, courses, and certification programs, and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the level of organization and attention given at The Dancer's Workout® instructor certification program. In fact, I would even go as far as to say it is the best training I've been to, and that is something! In the past I have attended trainings only to find myself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, underprepared, and alone in starting my own classes. I left The Dancer's Workout® training feeling confident, supported, and ready to go. Jules is so caring. She has done and is doing everything in her power to set us up for success! Thank you Jules.""

TDW-Certified Instructor

""The Dancer’s Workout® program itself and the TDW Instructor Certification course are amazing! I first fell in love with the classes as a student and then decided to join Jules on her journey and mission to spread the joy of dance to current and former adult dancers everywhere! Together we created this fabulous online TDW Instructor certification program, and I am so proud of it! I have personally gone through the entire program and have become a TDW-Certified Instructor. I now continue to take classes with Jules on a daily basis and also teach my own TDW classes each week, and I love every minute of it! One of the things I love the most is the amazing community we have built using the community-building techniques described inside this online course.""

TDW-Certified Instructor

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