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The Dancer’s Workout®

The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW) is a program of one-hour adult dance fitness classes designed for paraprofessional dancers. Not beginners and not professional dancers, we are the ballet, jazz, and contemporary adult dancers who fall in that big, luscious (previously neglected) gap.

These daily fitness classes use our prior training in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance to initially get us moving again and ultimately get us and keep us in tip-top dancer's shape.

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Featured in Dance Magazine and Good Housekeeping, The Dancer's Workout® was designed by classically trained, UNCSA graduate Jules Szabo, to provide former dancers with an emotionally and physically safe path back to dance and to help current adult dancers and dance instructors achieve their daily fitness goals through dance. 


Check out our feature in the Go Solo Network! What an honor!



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Current and former dancers welcome!

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You are invited to join us on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for our live virtual classes! Dance (or watch) with or without video!

Be sure to watch our latest Choreography Review video prior to class!

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Want 24/7 access to our classes? Our TDW Virtual Retreat offers three membership levels depending upon your needs and budget!

Haven't danced in a while? Try the LOST LOVE RECOVERY PROGRAM FOR FORMER DANCERS inside our 21-Day Dancer Restarter Wizard 

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Here we are in Dance Teacher+!!! 

We have been featured in Dance Magazine!

Jules trained in classical ballet at the UNC School of the Arts. Read her story!

Here's our DSOA podcast! 

Check out Jules' first article that was published in WomanBeeWell Magazine! 

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General Announcements

So exciting! We are included among DANCE TEACHER'S 2022 TOP TEN STORIES! Click HERE to see the article! Thank you to all the dance instructors and dance studio owners who made this happen for us! 

MEET THE TDW MAVENS! The Dancer's Workout® MAVENS are the adult paraprofessional dancers featured in our online portfolio of classes. Interested in becoming a TDW MAVEN? We hold auditions twice a year for our Spring (February through May) and Fall (July through November) seasons. LEARN MORE HERE.

Interested in a career with The Dancer’s Workout?  We have a Certification Program for TDW Dance Instructors! Click TDW ONLINE ACADEMY above to learn more. Want to EXPEDITE your Instructor Certification training with our 6-week INTENSIVE? Click HERE to learn more. Interested in seeing what the TDW-Certified Instructors have said about the program? See testimonials from a few of our featured TDW-Certified Instructors.

TDW CHOREOGRAPHY – Want to see the “Choreography Review” video for the TDW masterclass currently being taught in our in-person and live virtual classes? Click HERE!

Then join us for our next live, virtual class by signing up HERE!

EXCITING NEWS for The Dancer’s Workout®

Dance Media, the marketing arm of Dance Magazine, Dance Teacher, Dance Spirit, and Pointe invited Jules to teach a class of The Dancer’s Workout® in their exciting online series entitled, Dance Media Live!  They described it as “a curated class series with everything from ballet to Pilates to cardio to jazz, featuring some of our favorite teachers.”  We were so honored to be included! 

FREE WEBINAR FOR DANCE STUDIO OWNERS!  Click here to register!  Learn how to substantially grow your studio's adult dance program with The Dancer's Workout®

The Dancer’s Workout® now has TDW merchandise available!  Click here to purchase cute workout shirts, sweaters, jackets, tote bags, duffel bags, wall clocks etc. with artwork that has been designed by our very own dancer friend Sara in her new line, entitled “StudioStyle by Sara.”

ONLINE CLASSES are available 24/7! Select ONLINE CLASSES above to learn about the various membership options we have available, depending on your dance needs and budget. Hear what other students have to say about TDW! Join the TDW Movement today! Rediscover the Dancer Within You and Reclaim Your Body!

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