The Dancer's Workout® 
6-Week Instructor Certification Intensive

 Introducing our 6-Week Instructor Certification Intensive

 10 hours/week for 6 weeks (flexible hours)

The TDW Instructor Certification Intensive is designed to help you get certified so that you can begin teaching in-person TDW classes within six weeks of purchasing our online Instructor Certification course! The entire program is available online, and the class times are completely flexible. The time commitment to complete your weekly goals will be approximately 10 hrs/wk for 6 weeks.

Follow your heart and take a leap of faith with us! We promise to help you every step of the way with our outstanding online course content, our weekly Q&A sessions, and our dependable responsiveness! We'll be there (virtually, of course) as you figure out how to negotiate studio space, advertise your classes, and get thoroughly prepared to teach your first TDW masterclass!

Question: What makes the 6-week INTENSIVE different from TDW's standard online Instructor Certification program?

Answer: The main difference between the INTENSIVE and our self-paced program is how fast you want to get through the course and get certified! The other significant difference is that our 6-week INTENSIVE provides weekly study guides and videos from Jules and Sara designed to help you keep pace with the course and stay on track to complete the program within 6 weeks.

With our self-paced course you can start the program any day of any month and take up to 6 MONTHS to complete the course, depending upon your schedule. We have now added the optional 6-week INTENSIVE as a FREE BONUS inside our standard 6-month course. Once you purchase the course, you can meander through it at your leisure, or choose at any point during your six-month window to activate your 6-week INTENSIVE (at no additional cost). In the INTENSIVE we'll guide you through the course with weekly goals that are designed to help ensure you are ready to apply for your certification within 6 weeks! If you start the INTENSIVE and get interrupted, you can pick up where you left off, as long as you complete it before the six-month clock expires. 

Twice a year (Mar/Apr and Oct/Nov) we run our 6-week INTENSIVES as scheduled sessions. If you enroll in one of these scheduled sessions, you will be given 8 weeks of access to the online course (rather than 6 months) plus all the study guides, videos from Jules and Sara, and support you need to complete your certification in 6 weeks. You can join either session, depending upon when you want to be ready to offer The Dancer's Workout® classes! The Mar/Apr INTENSIVE helps dance instructors and dance studio owners get certified to offer TDW classes in the summer and/or Fall, whereas our Oct/Nov INTENSIVE helps dance instructors and dance studio owners get certified so they can offer TDW classes in January.

Choose one of our three enrollment options and either start immediately or join us for one of our bi-annual sessions!










You can participate in our INTENSIVE in one of two ways. Either:

1. Purchase our self-paced course at any time during the year and start your 6-week INTENSIVE at any time within six months of purchase! Once you "start the clock," you will receive guided mentorship for 6 straight weeks, as we help you complete the course and apply for your TDW Instructor Certification within 6 weeks! 


2. Join one of our scheduled bi-annual sessions, designed to get you ready to teach The Dancer's Workout® by the beginning of the summer (Session 1), or by the beginning of the new year (Session 2). A few full scholarships are available for the following two scheduled INTENSIVES. Email Jules to learn more ([email protected])

Session 1 runs from 11Mar24 - 22Apr24
Session 2 runs from 8Oct24 - 18Nov24

See you in class!