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TDW Instructor Certification for the Independent Instructor 

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Learn to Teach The Dancer's Workout® Classes and Get Certified with our Online Instructor Certification Course!

Dance Instructor Information

Our online Instructor Certification course is designed for both independent instructors who want to teach in the cities of their choice and sponsored dancers who come into the process already affiliated with a studio.

Sponsored dancers are only allowed to teach TDW at the TDW Authorized Studio which sponsored them. Independent Instructors, however, are allowed to teach at their choice of venue, once certified.

This course guides you through the certification process and teaches you HOW to teach The Dancer's Workout® (even if you have never taught before!). It also provides all the choreography you'll need and shows you how to select studios, choose the most popular class times, and successfully market your classes!  We'll hold your hand every step of the way!

Here's what you get:

 Access to our online TDW Instructor Certification course which teaches you HOW TO TEACH The Dancer's Workout® classes. You can proceed through the course quickly (6 weeks) or take your time (up to 6 months), depending upon which option you purchase
Choreography to 30+ individual songs, bundled into three outstanding TDW masterclasses (with plenty more to follow once certified). Each masterclass should be taught for 4-8 wks
 Leadership training, your business operations plan*, and social media campaigns designed to rapidly build your class enrollment with loyal (paying) adult dancers
 The secrets to retaining your adult dance students (i.e., the "TDW Secret Sauce")!
Access to Jules, Sara, and a team of experienced TDW resources to support you throughout your TDW journey! We're in this with you, every step of the way!

* In addition to receiving a step-by-step plan to implement your TDW business and all the forms you'll need, you'll also discover the most popular class times for adults, the best class packages for adults, training on how to arrange and rent studio space for your classes, and much, much more! 



You can participate in our INTENSIVE in one of two ways. Either:

1. Purchase our self-paced course at any time during the year and start your 6-week INTENSIVE at any time within six months of purchase! Once you "start the clock," you will receive guided mentorship for 6 straight weeks, as we help you complete the course and apply for your TDW Instructor Certification within 6 weeks! 


2. Join one of our scheduled bi-annual sessions, designed to get you ready to teach The Dancer's Workout® by the beginning of the summer (Session 1), or by the beginning of the new year (Session 2). A few full scholarships are available for the following two scheduled INTENSIVES (learn more HERE):

Session 1 runs from 11Mar24 - 22Apr24
Session 2 runs from 8Oct24 - 18Nov24

See you in class!