why we dance Jan 30, 2021

I'm still curious WHY WE DANCE. Trying to get my arms around it. 

Two weeks ago we talked about the sense of community we feel when we dance with an amazing group of women.

Last week I confessed my love/hate relationship with my body and how one huge benefit of dancing is that it helps me keep my weight, emotions, spirit, and anxiety under control.

This week, I'd like to share what Danielle wrote about it.

First let me tell you who Danielle is. I have actually never met her in person, but I love her. She found us when we offered free daily classes during the pandemic. She danced with us, virtually, a lot! Then she decided to purchase one of our online memberships, and she has been a TDW Virtual Retreat member ever since.

She leaves me love notes (probably why I love her). Here is a sample:

Hi! Angel Wings was my first class...felt so amazing to do it again, my body remembered it so on parts I was able to be in the dance...that feeling, is there anything better...its life changing for me...like a new self...just wanted to thank you for all your beautiful work, I have loved this time with you and your dancers...I have signed up so I will continue:) love to you all - Danielle

Hi! I just finished Rescue again (I do the classes 3x a week and then the last week of the month I revisit each one once again, its always so fun on the review week!)...I have to say when I go full out on this class I barely make it by the end! So much traveling and chance for expressive movement, I love it. It truly is a powerful class and lives up to its name - Danielle

I just wanted to say thank you for including Second Chances last month...it was truly uplifting. The way the sequences flowed into each other was so easy to follow and find the rhythm in and gave that soaring feeling. And this quote you wrote on your last post, "Our love affair with dance is, afterall, a wildly emotional journey that deserves to be given a second chance." I love it so much! Onward and upward with tenacity, looking forward to revisiting the beautiful pieces this month. Much love to you ladies ❤ - Danielle

And more recently I posed a question to our closed Facebook group about WHY WE DANCE, and here is what she said...

For me it's the deepest experience I have of feeling at one with life and when I dance everything else in my life begins to vibrate in harmony as well. Physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational, it all weaves together like the music and movement. I feel free and alive no matter what else is happening. - Danielle

Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Oh to capture that in a bottle! Honestly, a one-hour TDW class is pretty darn close to a bottle of THAT (what she said)...

You can't put a price tag on that feeling. It is simply the best...

If you are missing "THAT," then we welcome you to dance with us.

There are many ways to dance with us - I'll leave the links below.


 Jules Szabofounder of The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW) is a classically trained ballerina from the UNC School of the Arts and former corporate executive who helps busy working women, mothers, and empty nesters rediscover their love of dance. She specializes in the paraprofessional dancer (adult ballet, jazz, and contemporary dancers who are not beginners and not professionals, who simply love dance over other forms of exercise). Featured among Dance Magazine's recommended online dance programs, The Dancer's Workout® classes were designed to provide former dancers an emotionally and physically safe path back to dance and to help current adult dancers and dance instructors achieve their daily fitness goals through dance. If you are a current or former dancer, you are invited to come dance with us.

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