former dancer stories Mar 01, 2022

Grace grew up in the dance studio, bored her brothers with annual dance recitals, and learned everything she needed to know about discipline, hard work, respect, and perfection by the time she was 16. She took hundreds of ballet, jazz, and modern/contemporary dance classes between the ages of three and 18.

Her grit, drive, and determination enabled her to succeed outside the studio as well! She excelled in high school, later in college, and ultimately in her professional, non-dance career. In a way, now that she is an adult, she recognizes that her most significant life achievements became possible as a result of the discipline she learned as a young dancer.

Ultimately, Grace did not pursue a professional career in dance. Instead, she went to college and followed her academic training in finance; a few years later she got married and started a family. She became a Mom and a business woman, always juggling, prioritizing, delegating, solving, feeding, and comforting those who...

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The front door slammed, and ten years of my life came to an abrupt end. My apartment was suddenly very, very quiet.

For the longest time I stared at the wall and tried to wrap my head around what just happened and what it really meant for my life. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I felt relieved or petrified. All I knew was that my ten-year relationship with Sam had most dramatically and most definitely come to a bitter end.

Eventually my eyes shifted as I noticed the tic-toc-tic-toc of the kitchen clock and the surprisingly loud sound of the ice-maker dropping virgin ice inside the refrigerator. I never noticed how loud that ice was before. I jumped when my phone vibrated with an incoming call from my sister, who, in uncanny synchronicity, could always feel when I needed her.

We talked for hours that night.

I cried, cursed like a sailor, and told her things I had once promised never to tell.

Somehow my chocolate chip ice cream and I made it through my first adult night as a...

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Walking out of dance class, drenched in sweat and clutching your water bottle, you smell the aroma from a nearby restaurant and begin your mad dash to get home, shower, and re-emerge as a goddess, ready for your dinner date.

Tonight you are feeling especially exuberant.

In the shower, the sound of your singing voice reminds you of class and how good you feel to finally be dancing again. Why did you wait so long to reunite with your first true love?

Now, as a busy, over-worked adult caring for your family, career, and household, you realize that your recent reintroduction to the dancer inside of you makes you feel excited and happy again, powerful, and grateful that you didn’t let a single additional day go by without dancing again.

Yesterday you even snuck out on your lunch break and bought a new dress.

You couldn’t help it!

Because that morning, for the first time in… years honestly… James had said, “maybe we should get a babysitter and go out to eat...

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