why we dance Jan 30, 2021


This is what a wise man once told me:

"If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

The wise man who told me this was actually my husband. He obviously didn't make up the phrase, but he said it at exactly the right moment; and through my life I have seen how true this is, time and time again. For example:

A chiropractor who has a quick alignment solution for anything that ails you

A vegan who knows how to solve everybody's digestive disorders

A carpenter who is asked to stop a leak

A shoulder surgeon who gives you shoulder surgery for what turned out to be a herniated C5 disc (yup, that happened)

A cook who feeds you any time you are upset.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Funny that we say this as if it is a bad thing... but perhaps it is simply a solid life strategy.

What is yours?

Here's what mine looks like:

I am worried about the economy: I dance.

I am hurt by my husband/children/friend: I dance.

I am afraid of...

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why we dance Jan 30, 2021

Not going to lie - my parents and grandparents had weight problems.

My Dad was a 6'4" athlete (UNC football player), and my Mom was a 5'2" professional opera singer and voice teacher. While my athleticism and musicality were clearly inherited and are now featured by my vocation as a dancer and dance instructor, my DNA has me programmed for hard-core obesity.

Gifts and curses. That's what we inherit.

Just look at your parents and grandparents if you want to know what aging has in store for you. You might see how they have triumphed over their aging processes or how they have suffered and succumbed to it.

Sometimes it is scary to see. Sometimes it is inspirational.

My Mother has profound dementia and horrible arthritis. She is in her 80's and confined to a scooter.

My Dad, after a lifetime of often successful weight management efforts and a consistently good mind, sadly passed away in 2019 following an unsuccessful long-term recovery from aortic valve repair surgery.

My parents...

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why we dance Jan 30, 2021

I'm still curious WHY WE DANCE. Trying to get my arms around it. 

Two weeks ago we talked about the sense of community we feel when we dance with an amazing group of women.

Last week I confessed my love/hate relationship with my body and how one huge benefit of dancing is that it helps me keep my weight, emotions, spirit, and anxiety under control.

This week, I'd like to share what Danielle wrote about it.

First let me tell you who Danielle is. I have actually never met her in person, but I love her. She found us when we offered free daily classes during the pandemic. She danced with us, virtually, a lot! Then she decided to purchase one of our online memberships, and she has been a TDW Virtual Retreat member ever since.

She leaves me love notes (probably why I love her). Here is a sample:

Hi! Angel Wings was my first class...felt so amazing to do it again, my body remembered it so on parts I was able to be in the dance...that feeling, is there anything better...its...

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why we dance Jan 30, 2021

It took some gut-wrenching soul-searching, but I finally projectile vomited this deeply personal admission: 

 --- I have a love/hate relationship with my body ---  

OMG the extremes make me dizzy!  But I finally realized this...

When my body is out of control, my anxiety is through the roof! 

And on the other end...

When my body is the way I like it, I am on top of the world. 

How could 5, 10, or even 50 pounds affect me so? What is wrong with me? Am I a complete narcissist? Am I THAT shallow? Do I really value my physical state more than my... well, everything???  More than my character? More than my other skills and talents? More than my spiritual, emotional, and moral well-being? 

Wait a minute. Maybe I am just going off the deep end here. Being dramatic. Let's back up and think this through...

Here's what I know. I hate it when I feel that extra bulge around my waist. I hate it when I can't find something to wear that makes...

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why we dance Jan 30, 2021

Despite the pandemic, there were twelve of us in our adult dance class of The Dancer’s Workout® tonight. This included Sara, Cagny, Shannon, Tyler, Laura, Jennifer, Anne, and Meg who were there with me in-person, plus Deidre, Dani, Ashley, and Sonoe, who were logged in and dancing with us via Zoom. 

We were twelve women, between the ages of 24 and 60, united in time and space and deeply connected by our love of dance.

While we have literally hundreds of adult dancers who have joined our classes on a regular basis over the past decade, the snapshot of tonight's class is a good sample of a typical class.

Sara, Anne, Ashley, and Sonoe have danced with me multiple times a week now for six to eight years.

Cagny, Shannon, Jennifer, and Dani have danced with me multiple times a week for four to five years now.

Deirdre, Laura and Tyler are newer, having only danced with me for a year or so, and Meg is brand new - tonight was her second class with...

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