DSO's/Dance Teachers, This is How We Cool Our Adult Dancers Down and Maintain the Endorphins - Video 8

Imagine your adult dance students have been in class now for about 45 minutes and have just completed an exhilarating set of cardio dance songs. They are breathing hard and sweating and feeling like they just hiked to the top of a mountain where they were greeted with a glorious burst of cool air.

How do we keep them feeling like they want to throw their arms into the air screaming "life is amazing - I'm on top of the world!" 

Let's help them savor this moment of exhilaration with the cutest little cool down song ever! 

After all the split-second mental and physical processing of the choreography  learned and executed in the previous six dance cardio songs, we do a cool-down song that we've used in some of our previous TDW masterclasses as well. This song provides the dancers a chance to do something fun and familiar while we systematically lower our heart rates and get ready for our upcoming Bikini Bootcamp portion of the class.  

Our goal now is to cool their bodies down and get their heart rates back down to normal.  

In Video 8 inside our TDW Treasure Chest we feature one of our favorite TDW cool-down songs. It keeps our dancers super-high as we transition them from dance cardio to our toning portion of the class.  

Check out Video 8 inside our TDW Treasure Chest to see what makes this cool-down song feel so good. (No doubt you're going to want to jump in and do this little number yourself!)

See you in class!


 Jules Szabofounder of The Dancer’s Workout® (TDW) is a classically trained ballerina from the UNC School of the Arts and former corporate executive who helps busy working women, mothers, and empty nesters rediscover their love of dance. She specializes in the paraprofessional dancer (adult ballet, jazz, and contemporary dancers who are not beginners and not professionals, who simply love dance over other forms of exercise). Featured among Dance Magazine's recommended online dance programs, The Dancer's Workout® classes were designed to provide former dancers an emotionally and physically safe path back to dance and to help current adult dancers and dance instructors achieve their daily fitness goals through dance. If you are a current or former dancer, you are invited to come dance with us.

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